As stated, we at NatLa Global formulate based on three principles important to all us of which are: to feel and be well, to look good and, to function good. The NatLa Global Liquid Collagen fits in all of the three categories mentioned above and it comes with a delicious pineapple-orange flavor. But, to understand why the NatLa Global Liquid Collagen is not only different but the best in the market you need to know what collagen itself is, collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body it holds the body together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure. There are two types of collagen these are, the endogenous one that is natural, synthesized by the body and the exogenous collagen which is acquired from an external sources such as supplements, that is the collagen that NatLa Global offers you, it is used for medical and cosmetic purposes including the repair of body tissues that is why we have created the best formula that can provide you with all these benefits, our liquid collagen has better absorption, better assimilation and better utilization because it contains peptides that are small chains of amino acids that make up proteins and are available in every part of your body. Because peptides can be found anywhere in the body, they have very specific functions they act as messengers sending signals to specific glands and proteins to do specific tasks. The amino acids found in the NatLa Global liquid collagen help the body create its own collagen when diets and inappropriate lifestyles limit the body’s ability to synthesize its own collagen and that, ladies and gentlemen is the big difference between our collagen and other collagens brands found in the market. These are the amino acids contained within the NatLa Global Liquid Collagen, Proline the body uses proline to produce proteins such as collagen. Collagen is found in the skin, bones, and joints Proline is also involved in the general function of cells. Glycine is an essential amino acid for the production of collagen in the bones, skin, muscles and connective tissues it also plays a role in transmitting nerve signals and removing toxins from the body. Arginine is a precursor to proline synthesis which is important for collagen synthesis and wound healing, and secondly, arginine is a great precursor to nitric oxide which is essential for cardiovascular health. Alanine is an amino acid that is used to make proteins it is used to break down tryptophan and vitamin B-6. It is a source of energy for the muscles and the central nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and helps the body use sugars, and the other amino acid in the NatLa Global liquid collagen is called Glutamine, the most common original uses of glutamine were to accomplish the following goals, lose weight fast, burn fat and help build muscle. While that is still the case, science now shows that the benefits of glutamine are plentiful it also promotes digestive and brain health, increases athletic performance, helps hold tissues together and strengthen cartilage and joints and it is useful for treating intestinal problems and leaky gut. Shop the Natla Global Liquid Collagen Today!